Yoga For LIFE!!!

I have been practicing yoga for over eight years.  In 2005, I obtained my yoga certification from AAAI through an excellent teacher named John DeMinico.  I have thought about starting a website and blog for months…and today I finally took the plunge!  

 Yoga has changed my life and my mindset.  Yoga calms my crazy jumbled mind.  Through yoga I breathe life into my body and muscles.  Yoga allows me to iron out the kinks in my body and become more relaxed.  Through my yoga practice my back pain has ceased, my body is able to fight off infections, and I have a better holistic lifestyle.  

 When I became a yoga instructor I liked having the opportunity to teach something I love to all types of interesting people.  I love teaching a new student something different.  I love watching the light go on when someone figures out a new pose.  

 I plan to share my experiences and my ideas through my new blog.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!  I would love to help!

Laura Sarah Burns DiMarzo

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