Love Peace Joy Happiness

During pregnancy I had so much anxiety which was 1/2 the anxiety I felt once I had my beautiful baby. I came up with this mantra to help me through the days and the long rides home. I kept thinking that if I said this out loud eventually I would feel that way, which I felt was healthy for the baby and for me. Your phrase or words can be anything you want. It can be as simple as saying Today I will be Happy or looking yourself in the mirror and smiling, but in a way that you really see yourself with no judgements, just simply being in the moment and appreciating what you have to offer yourself and those around you.
My drives to and from work could be anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. Here is a little secret, during those drives I sang the Disney song Zippity Do Da…Did you ever listen to the words in that song? I realize that the movie has some negative connotations, but the words…they are inspirational and simple. I try to be positive, and that is the most positive song I could think of that I could sing to a baby. Try it…You might like me feel instantly lighter. Wishing you a great day with Love, Peace, Joy & Happiness 🙂

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