Consultant for the Marketing & Sales Strategy

Over the last fourteen years Laura DiMarzo obtained extensive experience in all aspects of marketing, business development and customer retention. As the Marketing Director and Senior Sales Executive for small to mid-sized organizations, she has learned how to navigate her way in the corporate world and look at a business from the perspective of the client and their customer. Laura utilizes that experience and her marketing expertise to strategize with new or existing businesses in a plethora of different industries on how to grow to their full potential.

Corporate Experience:

Collaborated with the executive management team of two separate organizations, an event technology management firm and a security communications provider, to initially determine how to market the organization through creating a consistent brand and position in the marketplace, and ultimately create a new strategic marketing plan and department that was strategically tailored around the brand. Revamped the website for both organizations to offer better branding consistency after obtaining a thorough understanding of the organizational operations. Facilitated the security communications provider in growing a community network. Directed all the marketing activities of the companies including the website, print media, and social media. Executed strategic marketing campaigns that utilize online and traditional media to engage customers and prospects increasing profit through conversion and repeat business. Assisted the sales representatives with CRM programs, networking, LinkedIn, email blasts, direct mail, customer training, and presentation building enabling them to grow their business portfolios and personal brand. Combined the efforts of sales and marketing to increase profits. Obtained training by Motorola in product marketing, corporate and federal sales. Utilized the holistic marketing approach to assist organizations to grow.

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