Yoga Experience

Laura DiMarzo, the LaYogini Mommy, received her yoga certification in 2005. Before her beautiful baby girl was born she was working full-time in marketing and teaching six yoga classes a week at various locations in Pennsylvania such as the Greater Plymouth Community CenterAspiring Champions, and LaFitness Collegeville.  She then became a Marketing and Sales Strategy consultant and a corporate and private yoga instructor. As she wades through the daily activities of being a Mom in Kittery, Maine she brings you her advice and experiences through her blog.

Private sessions by appointment

|    Laura DiMarzo    |  |    570-881-3434    |    @LSDimarzo    |


4 Responses to Yoga Experience

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Laura! I attend your Wednesday night yoga class in Collegeville. I can’t tell you how much I love your class and how much it has helped my back problems. My fiance has expressed some interest in trying yoga, but not in a class setting.. could you let us know more about personal yoga sessions?


  2. Sara says:

    Hello I’m looking for one on one sessions I’m from phoenixville I can only afford 35 an hour would you be able to train me I’m looking for someone asap

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