New Yoga Class at Coastal Fitness Sundays at 9am!

Starting in September I will be teaching yoga at Coastal Fitness in Kittery, Maine Sunday mornings from 9:00am to 10:00am!  I have been substituting Yoga and Pilates classes at Coastal since December, and in April I started teaching my own class but as of September Sunday is the day.  After two crazy moves in Maine, I’m finally getting back to doing my favorite thing – teaching yoga!  Please come visit me at this awesome gym and take my class as well as all the other great classes!

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Kid’s Yoga at Wiggleworms in York, ME

Wiggleworms Logo Mother's Day Flyer 4-17Wiggleworms Logo Mother’s Day Flyer 4-17

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Maple Weekend at Chase Farms

Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling 100%, my husband was in pain from pulling a muscle in his chest and my daughter was simply grouchy.  I told her that maybe her Christmas dress wasn’t the best thing to wear to a farm, and she turned and gave me the cutest mean look she could give me.  When we got in the car around 9am, I remember thinking this day is either going to be great or a disaster.

When a friend of ours asked us what we were doing for Maple Weekend, as a native Pennsylvanian and having only been in Maine for less than two years, my first question was “what is Maple Weekend?”  She explained that it is a weekend where the Maple Syrup is prepared and that Chase Farms has family friendly events.  My husband then found that The Weekly Sentinel paper had a story on the event and convinced me to go for breakfast.  After all where else could you get warm Maple syrup that was in a tree only a few hours earlier?

When I lived in Pennsylvania we used to go to some local farms.  They were fun, but honestly, very commercial.  If you are looking for some relaxing Maine hospitality with smile, Chase Farms did an amazing job impressing me.

The farm store is clean and welcoming.  They sell everything from fresh vegetables to fresh baked goods including a whole selection of Stone Wall Kitchen products.  Since they also raise cattle and pigs at the farm, they have a freezer section of farm raised antibiotic free meats.  By the register, free popcorn was available for the children.  The staff was warm and friendly and greeted us with a smile when we walked in.

Through the door on the left they had an ice cream and cotton candy station set up.  On the opposite walls they had Maple flavored items displayed and the line to purchase the $8 adult/$5 Stone Wall Kitchen pancake and bacon breakfast.  Toward the back of the greenhouse, they had several tables and chairs set up and a display of the Maple Syrup making process.  The delicious and large blueberry or plain pancakes were fluffy and delicious.  Although there was a little wait for the bacon, my daughter finished it off; without leaving much for me.  Surprisingly, even though there seemed to be tons of people, we found a table to eat at just as easy as we found a parking spot.  My husband loved the maple candy and donut with maple flavored icing.

At the register we were also able to purchase tickets for the horse drawn wagon ride at $5 a person.  After we finished our breakfast which was complimented by a sweet woman who poured warm maple syrup in my husband’s coffee and on our pancakes, and even indulged my crazy request for powdered sugar; we were excited to get outside.

In the barn while we waited for our wagon ride, we were able to pet horses.  My daughter also loved seeing the baby calves, chickens and pigs.  The horse drawn wagon ridden by Rick Chase, was great.  He showed us how to tap a maple tree and let me ask him the 1000 questions I had about his life and farm.  He has been on the farm all his life and his family has owned the property for generations!

When we attend this event next year, we will be sure to bring our mud boots and remember to get tickets early for the horse drawn wagon ride.  I’m sure Rick Chase and his wonderful wife will impress us just as much next year!

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Breathing at Coastal Fitness in Maine!

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Beginner Yoga Stretch

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Goodbye 2015…

As I sit here in an SPW Starwood hotel called the Le Parker Meridian in New York City I am surprised by the shear size of Central Park.  It is so much bigger then I realized.  I am thrilled to have such a beautiful view but the crazy thing about it is that really I’m only looking at a bunch of sky scrapers and the mostly rusty colored leafless branches on the trees in Central park.  If it was anywhere other than New York City would I think the same?  No matter, I am completely happy none the less and am glad to realize that I can also see the George Washington bridge.  It is amazing to be in NYC and I’m thrilled that it is January 3rd 2016.  2015 is over.  It was a tough year for me because I let life and stress overcome me.  For some reason I know that I am over it and life is going to be better and easier now.  It is going to take some effort, but I think I can get my mind and body in a much better place than it has been.  I think I can become the positive person I have been in the past again.  Not only do I need to leave behind the grief of losing my Dad, I also need to determine how to get the currently unhealthy relationship with my husband back to a healthy place where we aren’t so mean and angry all the time.  I need to move past the anxiety driven state that I have been in taking care of my daughter in a new location and into a place where I am more patient and relaxed most of the time.

In the past week I watched as my Dad’s ashes fell to the bottom of the Ocean City Maryland bay and I got into a huge screaming fight with my husband while my daughter and some of my extended family were in the car.  It made me realize how completely unhealthy my husband and my relationship has gotten.  It also made me realize that I can’t keep holding my emotions in.  It is having a negative effect on my mind and body.  Both events are a turning point for me.  A wakeup call to get me back on track.

Why am I being honest about this?  Why not…even a positive yoga teacher can get off track.  That is why I started doing yoga in the first place, to get through the muck and emerge into a beautiful place like the lotus flower.

I want a fresh start and new beginning.  My question is…who is with me on this journey?


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Kittery Farm Market Children’s Yoga!

I am excited to be teaching yoga at the Kid’s Corner today at Kittery Farm Market in Kittery, Maine!!!  Come visit and say hi!

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