To Blog

Do you or your company blog?  A blog, defined by Google is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.  To blog is to regularly update a blog or add new material.  Lately I am meeting a ton of new entrepreneurs and small business owners.  They have a website like this one that was created by WordPress, or a website that they paid for someone to create for them, and one or two blogs.  If they just started the website, this is great.  It means that the blog is current.  It means that they were thinking about what they want their customer to know about their company this month, week or day.  However, if the website was created two years ago the blog will most likely have the date of two years ago.  Even if the material you provided is current or timeless you still have a date stamp showing the past.  A prospective new customer of any business, might not notice this or care and utilize your product or service regardless believing that you provide exceptional customer service and are too busy to make updates to your website.  Or they will hop on to your competitors website, see something current and choose differently because the competitor has slightly better attention to detail.

I recently went to a website and saw that a company won a “green” initiative award.  They included a number count of how many pieces of paper they saved.  This number is updated continuously.  I was impressed by this and it made me want to work with the company even more.  What a great idea.  Then as I dug deeper, because nothing had a date on it; I found that they had won this award in 2011.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter when they won the award…they did win it and found a way to make it relevant today, tomorrow or several years into the future.   So my question is this – What matters to your clients?  I am not sure of the answer to that question.  Do they want to see a blog or email newsletter daily, weekly or monthly?  Maybe you could do a survey to figure this out, or look at the logistics of your website.

So what do you do?  If you are too busy or you think it is simply too time consuming to continuously update a blog then I have three suggestions –

1.  Simply remove the blogroll

2.  Update the date to a more recent date

3.  Use a static page, like this one to document your thoughts and information

If this concept is something you might need help with, and are not sure how to do this, please let me know.  I would be happy to help you!  My contact form is below 🙂

Personal Brand

Personal brand is an interesting buzzword.  How do you want to be perceived?  The most interesting part of personal brand to me is that you decide what you want it to look like.  You can make yourself seem like, well, whatever you want.  Do you want to be fun, tech-suave, flashy, interesting, helpful, relevant, or forward-thinking?  You can use the social media to be (or become) any one of those things.

I worked with many sales representatives on what personal brand is and how they want to approach it.  Some representatives wanted to be the expert in their product line – so for this we discussed utilizing LinkedIn to increase their presence to the customer base and become the person to “go to” for a certain product.  Some representatives wanted to sell large quantities of the simplest product even though we both knew that they are capable of more complex systems. Some representatives didn’t want to grow there brand through social media.  They would rather increase their expert level through presentation to the customer.  Try and stay consistent across the board.  Decide on your goal, then tweak it according to how you get the best response, but stay the course.  A prospective customer might be looking at you, simply watching and waiting to make the next move.  In the end, being consistent in branding will help you grow your business, whether it is today, three months from now, or three years from now.


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